Internal Staircases
Rotherham | Sheffield | South Yorkshire


Internal Flight Bespoke
Rotherham | Sheffield | South Yorkshire

Custom-designed and uniquely crafted staircases.


Internal Flight Kit
Rotherham | Sheffield | South Yorkshire

Pre-fabricated and modular staircases designed for installation within the interior of a building.


Internal Single Spine
Rotherham | Sheffield | South Yorkshire

Staircase design that features a single, prominent central spine or supporting element around which the steps are arranged.

Internal Staircases

At Estairs we offer a large range of staircases across many different styles and budgets. Available in wood, metal, glass or a combination of finishes. A large range of different combinations can also be achieved in terms of the stair plan including Straight, L (1/4 turn) and U (1/2 turn). Mix in the different types of tread and the different rail finishes and the range is very impressive.


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